Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scott turns the BIG 29!!!

Yesterday was Scott's birthday! He turned 29! Whoa, someones getting old! Ha! He says he still feels like he is 25. I guess lucky for him he still looks 25. :) Unfortunately, his birthday celebration was cut short. Some of you may have heard that we have had torrential rain fall causing massive flooding. Well that means that Scott is in charge of making sure each job gets done. They are working on the Dole Cannery Theaters, BYU GCB as well as 30 units that flooded, a church, the whole PX on base and on and on. So Scott had to settle for a quick breakfast (crepes) and ran out the door at 7:00 am. He didn't get home until 8:00pm. Bummer! We really won't have time to even go out to a birthday dinner until we are on the mainland-we are leaving FRIDAY!! Yay!

Reasons I LOVE Scott:

There really are a lot! But #1 is that he is a GREAT Husband and Father! He always makes time for Tosh and I and we always have so much fun!
2. Scott is very kind, sometimes too kind-can that really happen? Yes! He is fair with everyone and always willing to help even when it is not at all convenient for himself.
3. Scott is smart- he is quick on his feet and is a great problem solver.
4. Scott is very funny he always makes me laugh, when he gets together with old buddies- watch out!
5. Scott is SO handsome-look at that hard bod! Jealous with envy? Thought so! :)
6. He always takes me shopping and even does a good job picking out clothes for me-not all of you out there have a husband who tolerates being a shopping partner.
7. He takes turns doing the dishes and cooking! (And yes, his food is edible!)
8. He is sincere. He always means well, is a good listener and knows how to make me feel good.
9. Honestly, I have NEVER heard anyone say anything bad about Scott- and why would they?!
I love you Scott!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lovin the Surf!

It's almost Christmas!!! We love, love, love this time of year!! For us it signifies the beginning of great surf on the North Shore. Scott is happier, I am happier, so we all win! We have really been taking advantage of the beginning of the surf season. Scott has been out just about every weekend and been catching some good waves. Tosh and I chill on the beach and swim. I'd die if I paddled out there!

We are also really excited to go home to Washington and Utah to see family. *This is when it really feels like Christmas. I can't wait to wear more clothes-did that come out wrong?! You all know what I mean. I also can't wait to see Tosh's reaction to snow.

We recently went to the Triple Crown Contest at Sunset and had a really good time. The waves were epic!

Here is Tosh and I getting barreled!

Scott ran into Rabbit Kekai, a surf legend. He began surfing in 1925. He was a little off to be perfectly honest! Right after I took the picture he turned to a friend and said, "that's not my baby!" I was thinking you are right on that, that would be creepy!!!

This is Rob Machado in his rental car driving by. Scott and I looked over and there he was in all his glory! I yelled "Hey Rob!" and he waved. How sweet!
Here is Sunny Garcia getting interviewed right after his heat. He's fresh out of prison. Didn't pay his taxes on his prize money.
Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! Mele Kalikimaka!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

Our Thanksgiving started off very well. We got up and out the door early to surf and it was a perfect day for waves and weather! Tosh and I hung out, swam and built sand castles, then Jamie and her 2 girls showed up. Scott got some killer waves and then we headed back home to get ready for our feast!

I made my mom's yams and Chels' apple pie. Yum! Both were excellent. Then we headed out to Laie to Chirs and Jackie's house. We had a great time out there. They had a ton of people over (19 adults and 4 kids!) Scott and the guys hung out on the half pipe most of the time. Tosh even got in on the action. He also liked their trampoline. Tosh is so funny, every time someone took a picture he would have to be in it, he would just walk right in front and smile. He was quite the little entertainer.

Here are the guys just chillin'.

I have to admit it was a little crazy that every woman in the room was pregnant, except for those who just had a baby! That's when you know you are in Laie, only in Laie! Thanks Jackie and Chris!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shaggy Dog!

Tosh's hair is getting SO long! Scott and I have been debating whether to cut it and do a foe-hawk or let it grow out. Either way, I know, it needs to be trimmed out of his eyes. But, I am telling you he is the hardest kid to give a hair cut. We have tried everything short of tying him down. While he is sleeping, bribing him with a treat and Barney, etc... Any suggestions?
He has this habit of shaking his head back and forth "the no shake" just to feel his hair flapping in the wind. What a funny kid. He truly looks like a little, but extremely cute, shaggy dog!

What do you guys think? I'm taking a vote yes to the foe-hawk or to growing it out? Here are some picts to show the urgent need to decide!

His hair is so long and heavy it no longer stays up. Check out the wave brah!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kustom Boards By Scotty

Scotty's Hobby

So many of you know that Scott has started shaping boards. Now I get to post the fruits of his labor! He is on the Big Island, working and I was the one (I know, I am a great wife), who drove to V-Land to pick up his latest and greatest!

This is the first board that he shaped. It is a 7'8 Single Fin Big Wave Board. It is a 70's style board and has a pin tail.

This is the second board he shaped for Drew. It is a 7'6 Fun Board with a 2+1 fin set up and a rounded tail.

And this my friends is a very special board because it is for Steve! His board is a 8' carving, all around board. It is a thruster with a squash tail.

Isn't my husband talented?!! So, if you would like a custom board, Scott is your man!

This is not snow!
I didn't get too many of him shaping, but here are a few. Every time he comes in he is covered. *My Guest room is turning into a board room-Scott loves this. They have a safe resting place.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone! We had a great night. We started off by taking Tosh to the Mililani Town Center and going around to all of the stores. Then we went to our church activity- Trunk-r-Treat. All the trunks of the cars were decorated and Tosh collected a lot of candy. Well, since he doesn't need it, I'm sure Scott and I will eat some of it and the rest I will make leis out of.
One lady was dressed up as a witch and he HATED her costume. Every time she tried to put candy into his pumpkin, he would grunt and quickly pull his pumpkin away from her. Too funny! She did look quite creepy though.

Tosh & Mahea
Called to Serve?

After trick or treating Tosh and Scott were exhausted! Tosh loved the monkey suit to begin with, but by the end of the night we couldn't get it off quick enough.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Family Time!

So we haven't updated in a few weeks because my parents came into town for 2 weeks and we have been staying at the beach house with them. :) We had a blast! We also have news to share-Steve and Deborah had their baby! It was a surprise (they didn't know the sex) and he is beautiful! Magnus Leif. Can't wait to see him in December.

The first week my parents were here, I had to work until my usual 11:30- but the second week, we had our Fall Break and it was fun having outings.
Here we are at Ko'olina. This is a great beach for Tosh and so pretty!

I got my dad on a board and taught him paddling basics- he even sat on the board, but there were no waves big enough to catch- yet. They will be here soon! He did very well for his fist time and this was a short board. *Falling off! OOPS!

After our paddle session! My next toy I want is a stand up paddle board. That will keep me in shape.

We hiked Kaena Point. It is a 7 mile hike to the North Western most tip of the island. It was a good hike- we stopped and swam in a little bay for about 45 minutes to cool off. There were a lot of Jeeps and trucks off roading. This is the view of Yokahama Bay from the point. It was beautiful.

Here is Tosh as we are getting ready to go out to dinner. We had many great dinners! He looks so polite in this picture.

Scott didn't get to do much with us during the day because he had to work, but when he got home he surfed, kayaked and played with Tosh.

I couldn't resist putting up this picture~
2 Cute Rears!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Baby!

I made it a goal to update once a week and have not been doing a very good job! Wanted to say congratulations to my sister in law Jessie they just had baby #5! Cory and Jessie are super parents! They have a beautiful family and delivered a healthy, beautiful girl- Avory (don't know if the spelling is correct)

Scott has been on Lanai for a few nights now and it is pretty lonely around here. Tosh and I are keeping busy by going to the park everyday and the beach a couple times a week. I also planted a garden! I know what you are thinking, it is the middle of September, but that is the great thing about Hawaii, you can plant whenever you want! Last time LeRoy dug up my garden.

He looks so innocent, but he steals bathing suits (sorry Bec!) and is quite sneaky.

Tosh my little chiller! He loves to run at the park, but
has been known to gain too much speed and biff it from
time to time. Happy to report there have been no serious injuries!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What's that smell?!?

So, maybe some of you moms out there can relate to this story. But, if you are lucky, you can't! I was shopping at Safeway a few days ago and when I was just about done, Tosh started grunting-and that only means one thing-dirty diaper!! So, I very nonchalantly go about my shopping, seeing that I only have 3 items on my list. I am grabbing a can of cream of chicken soup and realize this has gone full mass! He smells terrible and the man with the kart next to me gives me this "eye". So I quickly move on to getting the milk and I lucked out-no one around. Last thing on my list is the cereal- oh crap! This is a very busy aisle and it was! Luckily no weird looks this time! I get to the check out and the lady in the check out line to the right of me turns around with a disgusted face and says "Whoa, it smells like rotten milk!" So I decide the cats out of the bag and let her know that it is Tosh's diaper. She was very embarrassed. Next, the bagger boy comes over and asks if I need any help-do I ever!

Can someone so cute smell so badly? The answer is YES!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

So, we finally have a blog!! We had a great 3 day weekend. Saturday was of course a beach day. :) On Monday our church holds a Family Fun Fest. They have rides, food, bands and tons of people show up. This was especially fun because Tosh was finally old enough to go on the rides and walk around with all the kids. To cool off we headed to the beach house for the later part of the afternoon. Tosh is so lucky to be growing up at the beach!

Here is Tosh with his first cotton candy! He loved how soft it was.

Tosh and Scott playing at the beach. Tosh is fearless-he doesn't ever want to get out. He is our little water baby! Scott can't wait to get him on a board- whoa tiger! He needs to be a good swimmer first!