Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone! We had a great night. We started off by taking Tosh to the Mililani Town Center and going around to all of the stores. Then we went to our church activity- Trunk-r-Treat. All the trunks of the cars were decorated and Tosh collected a lot of candy. Well, since he doesn't need it, I'm sure Scott and I will eat some of it and the rest I will make leis out of.
One lady was dressed up as a witch and he HATED her costume. Every time she tried to put candy into his pumpkin, he would grunt and quickly pull his pumpkin away from her. Too funny! She did look quite creepy though.

Tosh & Mahea
Called to Serve?

After trick or treating Tosh and Scott were exhausted! Tosh loved the monkey suit to begin with, but by the end of the night we couldn't get it off quick enough.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Family Time!

So we haven't updated in a few weeks because my parents came into town for 2 weeks and we have been staying at the beach house with them. :) We had a blast! We also have news to share-Steve and Deborah had their baby! It was a surprise (they didn't know the sex) and he is beautiful! Magnus Leif. Can't wait to see him in December.

The first week my parents were here, I had to work until my usual 11:30- but the second week, we had our Fall Break and it was fun having outings.
Here we are at Ko'olina. This is a great beach for Tosh and so pretty!

I got my dad on a board and taught him paddling basics- he even sat on the board, but there were no waves big enough to catch- yet. They will be here soon! He did very well for his fist time and this was a short board. *Falling off! OOPS!

After our paddle session! My next toy I want is a stand up paddle board. That will keep me in shape.

We hiked Kaena Point. It is a 7 mile hike to the North Western most tip of the island. It was a good hike- we stopped and swam in a little bay for about 45 minutes to cool off. There were a lot of Jeeps and trucks off roading. This is the view of Yokahama Bay from the point. It was beautiful.

Here is Tosh as we are getting ready to go out to dinner. We had many great dinners! He looks so polite in this picture.

Scott didn't get to do much with us during the day because he had to work, but when he got home he surfed, kayaked and played with Tosh.

I couldn't resist putting up this picture~
2 Cute Rears!!