Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playing Catch Up!!

So I haven't updates our blog since before Christmas-I know I'm lame. But hold on because we have a lot to catch up on!
We were able to go home for Christmas this year! We try to go about every other year and this time we were able to see my family and Scott's fam. We had a blast. Tosh was an angel on the plane-I know hard to believe-he is the most active kid in the world! He colored, played with his stringing toy and watched the digi-player. We got lucky!

Thank goodness he did not look like this on the plane!

Here are some pictures from my house. We were pretty much stuck on my parents' hill because there was so much snow! So we resorted to the "country activities" shooting at deer, the garbage cans and sledding. Tosh loved the snow. We were able to get to Olympia one day and met up with family on Christmas Eve. We loved seeing Tonya and her kids, Ashley and my parents.

On Christmas day we flew to Utah to be with all of Scott's family. We went sledding, played a lot of guitar hero-Steve is the master- and had a new family photo taken. It was a blast! Tosh loved to see all of his cousins, aunts and uncles and of course grandma and grandpa!

The fam-who was freezing! Tosh was in high style with his duct taped gloves and boots!

Tosh with Grandpa and a few cousins.

The fam at Gateway in Salt Lake.
Steve with Mr. Magnus

Good times!

So I am at work and get a call from my babysitter that Tosh split his lip open on her glass table and it looks like it needs stitches! I panic-I hate needles and Scott is not going to take him! I took him in and they said to take him to Kapioliani Hospital. Sure enough he needs a stitch-uno! It was sad and disgusting so I had to leave the room. Tosh screamed while they strapped him down and it sounded like that was the worst part. Poor kid. Too make things funnier- Jenn ( my babysitter said her daughter was trying to hug Tosh when he feel on the table. He is already fighting off the girls! We're in trouble!!

The one stitch is under his lip on the right side. He is such a great kid-he smiled on cue even after being traumatized!

So I decided to run the Great Aloha Run this year. I had a great running partner who trained with me. A week before she decided that she would not be able to run because her foot was bothering her. I was bummed, so Scott said he would go with me. He is so sweet. He did not train a single day-crazy! He surprised me and we were able to jog most of the way. He felt great until the next day or three! It was an 8.16 mile run from Aloha Tower to the Stadium. We ran it in 1 hour 22 minutes. Not too shabby!

I know what you are thinking-his first haircut?? But this is the first "real" haircut he has had. Scott and I took turns trying to give him trims and they just never really look great. We finally gave in and took him in last night. We were tired of him shaking his head like a shaggy dog and his bangs getting in his eyes. Doesn't he look so grown up? What the heck happened to my little baby?

Here is Tosh Pre-Hair Cut Here is his debut Photo!

The End


Jana said...

Finally, I was waiting forever. Thanks for the catch-up. So you planning on running again?

Jessie said...

Love the updates- Tosh is so grown up with his haircut!!!

Smiths said...

Why, hello. I just stumbled upon your blog and am loving "catching up" with you. Blogs are the best, when people actually do them (awe burn.-I"m bad at it too).

I gather that you're still in HI- nice work. You're little guy is a stud. You guys make a very cute family.