Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scott turns the BIG 29!!!

Yesterday was Scott's birthday! He turned 29! Whoa, someones getting old! Ha! He says he still feels like he is 25. I guess lucky for him he still looks 25. :) Unfortunately, his birthday celebration was cut short. Some of you may have heard that we have had torrential rain fall causing massive flooding. Well that means that Scott is in charge of making sure each job gets done. They are working on the Dole Cannery Theaters, BYU GCB as well as 30 units that flooded, a church, the whole PX on base and on and on. So Scott had to settle for a quick breakfast (crepes) and ran out the door at 7:00 am. He didn't get home until 8:00pm. Bummer! We really won't have time to even go out to a birthday dinner until we are on the mainland-we are leaving FRIDAY!! Yay!

Reasons I LOVE Scott:

There really are a lot! But #1 is that he is a GREAT Husband and Father! He always makes time for Tosh and I and we always have so much fun!
2. Scott is very kind, sometimes too kind-can that really happen? Yes! He is fair with everyone and always willing to help even when it is not at all convenient for himself.
3. Scott is smart- he is quick on his feet and is a great problem solver.
4. Scott is very funny he always makes me laugh, when he gets together with old buddies- watch out!
5. Scott is SO handsome-look at that hard bod! Jealous with envy? Thought so! :)
6. He always takes me shopping and even does a good job picking out clothes for me-not all of you out there have a husband who tolerates being a shopping partner.
7. He takes turns doing the dishes and cooking! (And yes, his food is edible!)
8. He is sincere. He always means well, is a good listener and knows how to make me feel good.
9. Honestly, I have NEVER heard anyone say anything bad about Scott- and why would they?!
I love you Scott!


KellyB said...

Yeahhh!! Happy Birthday Scott! I would have to agree with you on all those points... except the "hot bod" part. Im his cousin and that is just weird... but he really is the nicest person ever. Him and Rog would be best buds I think.

sheila said...

wow, somebody IS getting old. ahaha jus kiddin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Scott!

Jessie said...

Hey guys! We'll see you all soon.. .

Rob said...

Hey guys,
I just found your blog via Sunshine and Becca. Scott, I will have to get you to shape me a board.

Shane said...

I'm super late, but happy birthday anyway. I love Scott also, most especially because of his "hot bod." Never stop workin' it Scott.