Friday, December 12, 2008

Lovin the Surf!

It's almost Christmas!!! We love, love, love this time of year!! For us it signifies the beginning of great surf on the North Shore. Scott is happier, I am happier, so we all win! We have really been taking advantage of the beginning of the surf season. Scott has been out just about every weekend and been catching some good waves. Tosh and I chill on the beach and swim. I'd die if I paddled out there!

We are also really excited to go home to Washington and Utah to see family. *This is when it really feels like Christmas. I can't wait to wear more clothes-did that come out wrong?! You all know what I mean. I also can't wait to see Tosh's reaction to snow.

We recently went to the Triple Crown Contest at Sunset and had a really good time. The waves were epic!

Here is Tosh and I getting barreled!

Scott ran into Rabbit Kekai, a surf legend. He began surfing in 1925. He was a little off to be perfectly honest! Right after I took the picture he turned to a friend and said, "that's not my baby!" I was thinking you are right on that, that would be creepy!!!

This is Rob Machado in his rental car driving by. Scott and I looked over and there he was in all his glory! I yelled "Hey Rob!" and he waved. How sweet!
Here is Sunny Garcia getting interviewed right after his heat. He's fresh out of prison. Didn't pay his taxes on his prize money.
Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! Mele Kalikimaka!!


The LaFontaines said...

Hey Tiff! I am going home just briefly this Christmas. I'll be home the 26th through the 31st. Rob can't come with me, but I'm excited to see everyone!

Andrea and Justin just got married this summer in July. They are living in Centralia.

It would be great to see you. The Sunday after Christmas my mom is throwing me a shower. If you're interested in coming so we can see each other, shoot me an email and I can give you the details! :)

KellyB said...

ooooh my gosh!! SOO FUN!! Can we come visit?! Please!?!? I love how you ran into all these surfing celebs.. to be honest I have never heard of them but it is still REALLY cool to see. AND... Im still completely obsessed with Tosh. I love love love him. His HAIR?! SOOO CUTE!! What a little stud!!

Tiffany said...

Kelly we would LOVE to have you guys come visit!! Seriously, get out here!

Laurie said...

i read your blog as i am buddled up in sweats and snow is on the ground, so not fair! i know you have lots of family stuff over christmas, but if you have a second while in utah i would love to see you it has been way too long! i understand if you can't get away though. have a merry christmas!