Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

Our Thanksgiving started off very well. We got up and out the door early to surf and it was a perfect day for waves and weather! Tosh and I hung out, swam and built sand castles, then Jamie and her 2 girls showed up. Scott got some killer waves and then we headed back home to get ready for our feast!

I made my mom's yams and Chels' apple pie. Yum! Both were excellent. Then we headed out to Laie to Chirs and Jackie's house. We had a great time out there. They had a ton of people over (19 adults and 4 kids!) Scott and the guys hung out on the half pipe most of the time. Tosh even got in on the action. He also liked their trampoline. Tosh is so funny, every time someone took a picture he would have to be in it, he would just walk right in front and smile. He was quite the little entertainer.

Here are the guys just chillin'.

I have to admit it was a little crazy that every woman in the room was pregnant, except for those who just had a baby! That's when you know you are in Laie, only in Laie! Thanks Jackie and Chris!

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Lindsey said...

Sounds like a fun thanksgiving! We're excited to see you guys in a few weeks!