Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kustom Boards By Scotty

Scotty's Hobby

So many of you know that Scott has started shaping boards. Now I get to post the fruits of his labor! He is on the Big Island, working and I was the one (I know, I am a great wife), who drove to V-Land to pick up his latest and greatest!

This is the first board that he shaped. It is a 7'8 Single Fin Big Wave Board. It is a 70's style board and has a pin tail.

This is the second board he shaped for Drew. It is a 7'6 Fun Board with a 2+1 fin set up and a rounded tail.

And this my friends is a very special board because it is for Steve! His board is a 8' carving, all around board. It is a thruster with a squash tail.

Isn't my husband talented?!! So, if you would like a custom board, Scott is your man!

This is not snow!
I didn't get too many of him shaping, but here are a few. Every time he comes in he is covered. *My Guest room is turning into a board room-Scott loves this. They have a safe resting place.


KellyB said...

wow, that is really cool! I love it. What a fun hobby for him!

Jana said...

I don't know anything about boards but those look awesome. Good job!

Jana said...

O do you have a webcam?

Lindsey said...

That's awesome!